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The Jared Sachs Quartet/Trio

The Jared Sachs Quartet is a jazz group that plays a mixture of jazz standards, bossa nova, blues and originals.  This regularly performing group is highly interactive, full of spontaneity and creates plenty of joyful, entertaining moments.   It's a perfect group for background music behind cocktails or dinner, as well as being the center of attention at a party or get together.  The JSQ/JST has made appearances in lounges, bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies and weddings all around the LA area.

Jared Sachs 

Jared is currently working on his original singer-songwriter project, which features his pop songwriting with elements of jazz.  To hear more updates on this project, follow Jared on social media.  


Jamsara was a project led by Sachs during his time at UNT, while living in Denton, TX.  It's an album of original jazz/rock compositions which features the talents of Henry Beal (bass), Mich Polan (drums) and Jeremy Langthorn (sax).

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