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The Jared Sachs Quartet/Trio

The Jared Sachs Quartet is a jazz group that plays a mixture of jazz standards, bossa nova, blues and originals.  This regularly performing group is highly interactive, full of spontaneity and creates plenty of joyful, entertaining moments.   It's a perfect group for background music behind cocktails or dinner, as well as being the center of attention at a party or get together.  The JSQ/JST has made appearances in lounges, bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies and weddings all around the LA area.

Jared Sachs 

Jared is currently working on his original singer-songwriter project, which is pop oriented with elements of jazz.  To hear more updates on this project, follow Jared on social media.  


Denton, TX is an interesting place, where students of the UNT jazz studies program mingle with the hipsters of Denton's thriving house show scene.  One of the products of this was the band, Jamsara.  An interesting mixture of jazz, rock and funk, Jamsara was a band that is best classified as "Denton music".  Jamsara is no longer active, however, they recorded one album in 2017 that can be purchased or streamed on all major platforms and as hard copies.